World's Weirdest Recalls Nov 9, 2016 by Sarah (Day Styles)

Products recalls happen for many reasons. Sometimes a company recalls a malfunctioning item and sometimes the government removes a dangerous product to protect the public. And then there are these strange recalls - wacky products recalled for weird reasons.

“Too Cool To Do Drugs” Pencils

The Bureau for At-Risk Youth distributed pencils to elementary schools in New York with “Too Cool To Do Drugs” engraved on them. But a ten-year-old boy quickly realized that as you sharpened the pencil, the word “too” disappeared, leaving “Cool To Do Drugs.” As the pencil got shorter, it revealed “Do Drug,” and then just “Drugs!” The Bureau was understandably embarrassed, and they recalled and reprinted the pencils so the words faced the opposite direction, so “drugs” was the first word removed. That’s one way to deal with the issue.

The Flushmate

Many modern toilets are designed to conserve water, which results in weaker flushes. Many of us are stuck plunging our toilets as a result, and it can be pretty annoying. To solve this problem, Sloan Valve Company’s “Flushmate III” was brought to market. It was sold between 1997 and 2008. Unfortunately, it had a serious design flaw. Occasionally, pressure would build up in the system, and the tank above the toilet would explode! (Gross.) There were over 300 different cases of property damage and over a dozen reports of cuts from flying porcelain. Finally, the Flushmate III was recalled in 2012 in the United States and Canada. Took them long enough!


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