World's Weirdest Recalls Nov 9, 2016 by Sarah (Day Styles)

Chicken Dance Easter Chicks

This cute and cuddly stuffed animal was recalled because the music box inside of it could crank the volume so loud that it caused serious hearing damage. The chicken was sold at Fred Meyer stores around Easter in 2013, but experts and parents soon discovered that the music box was incredibly loud! The simple toy was, in fact, very dangerous to young ears! The store quickly issued a recall and offered a refund if people brought the Chicken Dance Easter Chick back to the store, trying to win back upset customers. Talk about an unhappy holiday! Thankfully, there were no reported injuries - this time. We’re left with just one question - how did they get the volume in the toy so loud? No one noticed the shrieking chicken during product development?

Aqua Dots

This children’s toy seems relatively straightforward; you arrange little beads into a fun design on a tray that comes with the set. You wet the beads with water and then wait for them to bind together into a finished product. It just so happens, however, that if children were to ingest these small beads, they would metabolize in the body into a drug similar to GHB - a dangerous sedative. The company had contracted a manufacturer in China to make the beads, and they had used a cheaper chemical than the original design. What does that mean? Well, the toy was getting little kids high as a kite. After five children had been hospitalized after ingesting the beads, the company recalled the toy seven weeks before Christmas - ouch. Aqua Dots (also called Bindeez, Beados, and Pixos) were recalled from countries around the world.

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