6 Ways Valentine's Day Is Overrated Feb 10, 2017 by Sarah (Day Styles)

Valentine’s Day is cute; there’s no denying that. But if we're honest, it can be a hard day for us, single people. Love is great, and it’s wonderful to be in love, but this particular holiday is like love on steroids! Looks like we have a few complaints about Valentine’s Day - and a few reasons why everyone just needs to calm down.

It Sucks When You’re Single

Celebrating love is awesome, but don’t forget your friends and family that don’t have a romantic partner in their life. If you’re one of us who’s single, make the holiday about self-care and treat yourself to something that YOU enjoy doing and something that makes YOU happy. Instead of focusing on what you don’t have (or just don’t want), make the day about all the awesome things you do have!

It’s All The Same

Even if you’re celebrating with your significant other, you have to admit that the holiday perpetuates predictability! Prepare yourself the same photos blowing up your social media. Flowers, chocolates, dinner, wine…it’s highly predictable and there’s no originality. If you are doing Valentine’s Day, put a little more thought into it! Do something unique between the two of you, something special that will make your significant other feel that much more appreciated.

Valentine’s Day Has a Weird History

All the stories of how Valentine’s Day started are all kind of, well, awful. The Romans used to celebrate the feast of Lupercalia by hitting women with animal hides around the same time of year. Then, two martyrs named Valentinus were executed on February 14th (in different years), and their deaths were memorialized on St. Valentine’s Day. All the candy, flowers, and cards? That wasn’t invented until the 14th Century! Now it’s just an excuse to sell roses, stuffed animals, and chocolate.

Romance Isn't One Day

There shouldn't be one specific date where you’re romantic and loving with your significant other. If you’re lucky enough to have a romantic partner, you should show them you love them on a daily basis and not save it for one night each year. Of course, people get their expectations up for Valentine’s Day, but making romantic gestures throughout the rest of the year can make this holiday easier and more enjoyable.

It’s Stressful

People develop ridiculous expectations for romance and Valentine’s Day can become quickly become a nightmare, especially if you’re trying to figure out what your partner wants and get things just right! The commercialization of the holiday puts a lot of pressure on people to buy expensive gifts and really takes away from the whole meaning of the holiday. If you have plans this Valentine’s Day, make sure you’re celebrating the relationship and not trying to impress people. Don’t be afraid to communicate and ask your partner what you should do TOGETHER - you’re not a mind-reader!

It’s All About “Stuff”

Valentine’s Day has become less about relationships and loved ones, and more about crafting the perfect picture for Instagram or showing off for your contacts on social media. Don’t buy into the hype! Try and think about what you really like and what really makes you happy. And if you’re single, don’t be afraid to turn off your phone until it’s all over! If you’re feeling stressed about Valentine’s Day, just remember that it’s odd, overrated, and predictable! That might get us all through this horrible holiday…



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