The Hot New Summer Drink: Blue Prosecco May 9, 2017 by Sarah (Day Styles)

Yes, you read that correctly. Rosé is no more - you need blue prosecco in your life this summer. Blumond blue prosecco is taking America by storm for this summer’s beach cocktail, and party mixed drink of choice.

The Drink

Fratelli Saraceni

Blumond blue prosecco is made by the Italian company Fratelli Saraceni, who has described the new prosecco as “a velvety and seductive sparkling wine that is deliciously fruity.” They wanted to create something special and unique that hadn’t been seen before. The result was a vibrant blue sparkling wine that was sweeter and easier to drink. The color is perfect for summer - it looks like a tropical ocean on a warm day!

The Blue Buzz

Traditional wine lovers aren’t exactly happy about the new twist on an old classic, but millennials love the concept, and it’s taking over social media like lightning! If you want to be part of the “Blue Prosecco Movement” grab a bottle this summer and bring it to your next BBQ or party! You’ll be the hostess with the mostess! You can order the blue prosecco from their website directly (with AWESOME free shipping on orders over $99), or you can find it in different liquor stores around the country.



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