Amy Schumer on Glamour Magazine Cover Shoot Jul 15, 2015 by Adam (Day Styles)

Amy Schumer has been lighting up the entertainment headlines lately with her movie debut “Trainwreck”. In this rom com with just the right amount of filth (Schumer’s specialty) Amy will be starring alongside a slew of big names including Bill Hader, LeBron James and John Cena to name a few. Schumer has had great success with her TV show “Inside Amy Schumer” and is now prepared to take on the big screen. But that isn’t the only form of media this feisty comedian is set to take over, this month Schumer will be infiltrating your local newsstand as well. Schumer is set to be featured as the Cover Girl for both GQ and Glamour Magazine, August addition. Check out this hilarious video to find out what’s going through Amy’s mind during her photo shoot for the cover of Glamour Magazine.



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