The Top 5 Online MBA Programs May 30, 2016 by Ian (Day Styles)

Getting your Masters in Business Administration is a great way to accelerate your career and increase your salary, but not everyone can afford to take the time to go back to school or move across the country for the best college. While an online degree used to be a joke, some of the best business schools in the country now offer the same programs online while you can stay with your family and continue to work. To get the most out of your online MBA, choose a college with a good reputation and networking opportunities.

University of North Carolina Kenan-Flagler Business School

The Kenan-Flagler Business School is one of the best online programs in the country. The college has a dedicated alumni network around the world that can be incredibly helpful to new graduates. Best of all, the business school offers four global immersions every year, taking students to major business centers in the US and around the world, from Milan to New York. Taking an MBA at UNC will require $104,664, but graduates can keep working during their program and see an average improvement of 29% in salary.

Carnegie Mellon University Tepper School of Business

Carnegie Mellon in Pittsburgh is one of the top 25 universities in the United States, and Tepper is one of the top 25 business schools in the country. Tepper offers an “Online Hybrid MBA” that begins and ends every two-month semester with an “Access Weekend” on campus, introducing the next semester’s courses, students, and professors. While the program costs the $69,575, the Access Weekends take place on sister campuses across the country, cutting down on travel time and expenses.

IE Business School

One of the advantages of an online MBA is that you can choose from schools around the world. Instituto de Empressa University in Madrid was founded in 1973 and is now known as the best business school in Europe. If you’re going to take an online MBA, why not collaborate with partners from around the world and find new opportunities in different countries? The online Global MBA takes fifteen months and provides you with tree weeks in Madrid and an optional global immersion week for approximately $53,000. Graduates have one the highest average increases in salary (43%) and global business connections.

Indiana University Kelley School of Business

The Indiana University Kelley School of Business is one of the top 20 business programs in the United States and has a well-developed online learning environment called Kelley Direct. There are just two “Connect Weeks” at the beginning of each year of study, keeping you closer to home, while the program costs just $61,000 and provides you with a 27% average increase in your salary. Students can even try their hand at real-world problems in developing economies through the AGILE study-aboard network, earning invaluable experience and making a serious difference at the same time.

University of Florida Hough Graduate School of Business

Students at the University of Florida are some of the happiest in the country! The university offers two programs, one for graduates that takes just 16 months and one for newcomers that lasts 27 months. Each program provides you with all the essentials and an average 39% increase in salary after graduation, while the program itself costs approximately $41,000-$60,000. There is a campus orientation and then weekend residency every four months, so make it a vacation and enjoy the Sunshine State—one of the reasons student satisfaction is so high.

If you need to jumpstart your career, take advantage of the flexibility and convenience of an on online MBA from one of these top business schools.



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