New Year's Resolutions You Can Really Achieve Jan 4, 2016 by Sarah (Day Styles)

You do it every single year. You make a list of resolutions and goals that you want to achieve in the new year, and by the beginning of June you realize you’ve forgotten all about them, or your resolutions were so big and unrealistic in the first place that you feel depressed and unaccomplished. Don’t let unrealistic goals and expectations stop you from enjoying 2016 to the fullest with these tips on how to manage your resolutions. We’ve made resolutions that are so achievable you’ll feel like a whole new person when you accomplish everything on your list!

1. Get a Piggy Bank

A lot of people resolve to save money in the new year. The holidays aren’t known as being a time when one can bank a lot of money. Unfortunately, it happens to be the opposite. This year help save some dough and buy a piggy bank! A physical reminder can really help you save your spare cash. Each day when you get home, throw your loose change into the piggy bank. It might sound childish, but if you save your change over the course of the year by the time the holidays come around again you’ll have enough to help you through the spending season.

2. Try A New Food Every Week

It might not be hard to convince yourself to eat good food, so use that impulse to your advantage. Don't go on a diet you'll abandon after a few weeks. Just try a new food each week and expand your palette a little bit at a time. A lot of us don’t eat a diet with enough variety to get all of the nutrients that we need on a daily basis, so spice things up and try a new exotic fruit or vegetable! There are tons of recipes online that can help you create quick, easy meals.

3. Drink More Tea

After the holiday season has ended, chances are you’ve had more than enough calories. While trying to lose weight can be difficult, tea is an easy and effective way to help your body recover and shed a little holiday weight! Coffee, especially rich lattes and cappuccinos, has a ton of sugar and calories, so next time you’re placing your order get your caffeine fix with a cup of tea. Green tea, for example, is known to help with weight loss and the antioxidants can help protect your heart, blood vessels, and clean up your skin. Aim to try a new tea every month! Grocery store shelves are crammed with different types of tea, and you’ll get a range of different health benefits in every box.


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