Necessary Office Accessories For Your Inner #GirlBoss Apr 21, 2016 by Sarah (Day Styles)

For me, there’s nothing more motivating at work than when I have a beautiful office space and a ton of really pretty (and necessary) office accessories that make that space my own. Whether it’s specific office supplies or decorations to make your workspace more beautiful, here are some products that you’re going to want to have in your office too, #girlboss!

The Perfect Mug

Uncommon Goods

All #girlboss’s need their coffee each morning (if not - kudos), and we all want the perfect cup for your coffee. Check out these mugs which we totally deem #girlboss worthy. The elegant and simple Pantone mugs from Uncommon Goods come in a range of colors perfect for a modern office. Get a confidence boost as well as an energy boost from these charming mugs from Indigo, reminding you to never stop dreaming!

A Calendar You Love

Pulp and Pine / Etsy

If you can find a weekly calendar that you can hang on your wall, you (hopefully) won’t forget any appointments that you have that week. This is especially useful for people with busy schedules that want to add a splash of color to your wall using this handmade calendar from Etsy! We recommend reusable wall calendars with marker or chalk - it depends on what you want personally, and what goes best in your office.

Cute Post-Its

Stickers Kingdom / Etsy

Post-Its are a necessary office item whether you want to admit it or not. These handy little note pads help you keep everything organized from minutes of a meeting, to phone messages you haven’t gotten back to yet. Having ones that are cute make you want to use them more, especially these sushi post-its from Nico, fruit-shaped delights from Etsy, or a portfolio of elegant colors from Peter Pauper Press.

Keyboard Decals

Kidecalls / Etsy

What is more important to decorate than the one thing you probably look at most throughout your day? A keyboard is a fun way to jazz up your computer and make your whole desk a little more unique. You might like the classic look of wooden keys from Lazerwood, or match your mugs with the rainbow of colors on the Crocodil sticker. Our favorite is the vintage charm of this refined decal from Kidecals!


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