Great Ways to Bring #Hygge Into Your Life Feb 8, 2017 by Sarah (Day Styles)

You might be wondering what exactly “hygge” is, and you’re not alone - I had to look it up when it first started trending! Hygge, pronounced “hoo-ga,” is Danish and doesn’t exactly translate into English. It’s a fundamental quality of Danish culture that includes many of the pleasures we associate with everyday living - relaxing with friends, enjoying good food, and creating a cozy evening by lighting a candle or two. It helps Danish people enjoy the long, cold winter! So, for those who are now looking to add a little everyday “hygge” to your life, why not start with your own personal space? Here are some great ways to bring the hygge lifestyle into your home.

Bring in Comforting Textures

You want to remember that the main idea around hygge is coziness. Try and buy area carpets and blankets that come with a cozy texture. This texture might be different for each person, but whatever makes you feel that inner joy is what you should buy, but most people will opt for soft and simple. Your feet will be mighty happy!


Did you know that more than half of Danish people burn candles every day? Candles are a staple if you want to bring some hygge into your home. Experiment and find the size, shape, and scent that you love. Most importantly, don’t be afraid to USE them!

Make A Special Nook

The correct Danish term is “hyggekrog,” and it is the word for a special area for you to relax. Whether it’s your couch or a special chair, make it something that’s going to make you want to curl up in a blanket with a hot cup of tea and an awesome book.


Soft, ambient lights are a great way to bring the hygge life. Try and avoid harsh lighting as that takes away from the impression of warmth and comfort that can generate a little more relaxation in your home life.

Layer Up

Provide your guests with hygge-worthy throw blankets for all of your couches, chairs, and surfaces. You got it - soft, big, fluffy, comfortable, and warm. Wrap yourself and your friends with a giant blanket!

Be A Good Host

Always be prepared to have people over and serve some light snacks - your home is going to be very hygge, so it’s inevitable that you will be attracting guests! When you’re putting your new space together, try and incorporate easy serving solutions. Grab some quality trays with some cute plates for your guests. Even if it’s only to serve yourself, something you enjoy putting food on is a must.

Be Inviting

Every aspect of your home should be inviting, even your furniture. If you’re a big fan of hygge then having people come over is a big part of that lifestyle. Major furniture should be conducive to socializing with people in your home. Don’t point everything at the TV. It’s better to cozy up with friends with candles and blankets…oh, and a nice glass of wine!



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