The Best Valentine's Day Gifts for Mom Feb 13, 2017 by Sarah (Day Styles)

Valentine’s Day after you’ve had kids isn’t the same as it was when you were younger! It’s harder to get away for a romantic evening, that’s for sure - it’s one of the most difficult nights of the year to find a babysitter. But what do Moms really want from Valentine’s Day? If you’re a partner, friend, kid, or sibling, focus on what the parent in your life really wants on Valentine’s.


Offer to take her kids off her hands for an afternoon (or overnight) and let her get some much-needed shuteye! It’s probably been a while since she’s been given the opportunity to have a nap. If you’re feeling really generous, sign up for a whole weekend of babysitting. (Dads will definitely enjoy this one too if you want to treat the father in your life to a good night's rest!)

Take Care of the Kids

Hire a babysitter and give Mom and Dad a little free time. Whether Mom wants to read a book that’s been sitting on the bedside table for a while, make plans with friends, or head to the salon, give them some free time to do with as they please. You could even provide a plan for a relaxing weekend. Or just pay for a babysitter in advance and let her choose when to take a night off.


Moms need wine too, you know. Grab her some bottles (or boxes) of wine, so she has some stashed away for difficult nights. Depending on who the mom is that you’re buying for, this could be one of the best gifts possible.

The Spa

Grab her a gift certificate for her local spa. If she’s been there before, chances are they know what her favourite services are so they can help you pick out an appropriate package (and one that definitely won’t go to waste).

Cleaning Services

When Mom doesn’t have to clean up after the rest of the family, she can have time to focus on relaxing and having fun. It’s time to help more around the house, and not just during the holidays. But, at the very least, cut the woman in your life a little slack this Valentine’s Day. It’s better than chocolate. If you’re the man (or partner) in a mother’s life, helping means she’ll have more time for you after the kids go to bed…

iCloud Storage

When your peers start having kids, it becomes depressingly normal to see the same photos of kids posted every day. While some of us might think that’s a bit too much, many parents love to take hundred of photos per day of their babies drooling. Buy her some iCloud storage room, so she doesn’t have to worry about running out of room on her phone. It’s for a good cause.

Flowers and Chocolates

If you know she’s interested in the traditional Valentine’s Day gifts of flowers and chocolates, don’t stint! Splurge and grab your mother some pretty flowers and some of her favorite chocolate treats.


Waking up to the aroma of freshly brewed coffee is one of those things that launches the day on the right foot. If you want to take this Valentine’s Day surprise one step further and you live together, set yourself an alarm on your phone each night to fill the grounds and water for her every morning! Valentine's Day is just the start, show the mother in your life a little love every day of the year.



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