Amazing Kickstarter Success Stories Nov 13, 2015 by Ian (Day Styles)

Kickstarter has only been around for six years, but it feels like it’s here to stay. Crowdfunding has never been more successful or more impressive, gathering people together from around the world to contribute to amazing new ideas, and bringing brand new projects to life. Inventors, entrepreneurs, artists, and charities have new opportunities to succeed. These are 15 of the most incredible crowdfunding success stories combining serious money with awesome new ideas and great products.

Reading Rainbow, $5,408,916

“Reading Rainbow” brought the joys of reading to countless children. When it was on the air “Reading Rainbow” won 200 broadcast awards including a Peabody Award and 26 Emmys, before being sadly canceled during a period of financial troubles at PBS. LeVar Burton was the host and executive producer from 1983-2006 and in 2012 he decided to buy the rights to the show and launched the “Reading Rainbow” app for iPads. “Reading Rainbow” was back and within 36 hours it was the #1 education app in the iTunes store. But Burton wanted to bring “Reading Rainbow” to more people, especially schoolchildren across the country. Burton launched a Kickstarter in May 2014 to make his dream a reality.

In only 11 hours the Kickstarter smashed through Burton’s initial fundraising goal of $1 million. In the end, 105,000 people pledged over $5 million to bring “Reading Rainbow” back into the classrooms. The campaign’s success triggered a matching donation from comedian and director Seth MacFarlane, who contributed $1 million of his own money. LeVar Burton used the funds to relaunch the “Reading Rainbow” app for computers, iPads, phones, and streaming devices. 13,000 disadvantaged classrooms will get the app for free, providing them with books, guiding video tours and field trips, and the magnificent voice of LeVar Burton. Crowdfunding made “Reading Rainbow” a reality once again—Kickstarter isn’t just for gadgets and games, that’s for sure.


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