5 Great Fall Date Ideas Oct 14, 2016 by Sarah (Day Styles)

The fall weather is upon us - and the cooler temperatures, the crisp air and the amazing colors on the trees make fall our favorite season of the year! The sun is shining, the sky is blue, and we love feeling cozy in a big knit sweater and some awesome leather boots. But fall isn’t only a great season for fashion - it’s a great season for dating too! Everyone is getting into the swing of things and back from their summer vacations and, let’s be honest, people want to find love before the weather is too cold! (Winter = Cuddles!) So whether or not you’re going on a first date, blind date, double date, or just spending time with your partner, here are some great ideas you can use for your next date this fall.

Coffee Shops

It’s time to check out the cute little coffee shop that just opened up down the street for you! Whether you’re out to discover a themed coffee shop that has piqued your interest or if you simply want to find the comfiest couch to sit on possible, visiting different coffee shops is a great date to go on in the fall. While we might feel obligated to spend time outdoors during the summer, it’s time to curl up inside in the fall! A warm beverage (especially caffeine), a cool atmosphere, and hopefully some pretty good company make this date a win for everyone.

Apple Picking

How much fun is apple picking? This is such a fun date and it’s only available in the autumn! Find a local orchard or farm that offers apple picking, and you can grab a basket and spend some time chatting with your date while you find the crunchiest, juiciest apples you can! There’s nothing like a fresh fall apple, trust us. And if you have a really great time, you can take the apples that you picked and bake a pie together that you can eat after a cozy dinner.

A Walk In The Park

Why not take your warm beverages to go and walk through the park across the street gazing at all the magnificent colors surrounding you? Find a cool park in your neighborhood or pick the best park in the city - hopefully complete with charming fountains and romantic bridges. Bonus points if you can arrange this walk to happen while the sun is setting so it’s extra special. Bundle up, grab your cute walking shoes, and head to the park!

Haunted Houses

This doesn’t work for me, but some people enjoy the thrill of being frightened. If you think this is amazing date and you can find the especial someone who agrees with you, great! Around Halloween there are a ton of really cool haunted houses that you could check out, and if you really like your date maybe you could act a little extra scared, just to get closer for a reassuring hug!

Pumpkin Carving

Make your way to a local pumpkin patch and find yourself an awesome pumpkin. Pumpkin patches are usually located on a farm or rural area with other great ways to spend your time, like corn mazes and apple orchards, but you shouldn’t forget to pick out the perfect pumpkin. Take the pumpkin home, get the seeds out, and carve that pumpkin up! You could also bake the seeds too if you’re really feeling adventurous - the result is a salty and delicious snack for a scary movie! Whatever you do, fall is the time for cuddling and romance. Enjoy the beautiful colors arm-in-arm with your special someone!



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