5 Easy New Year’s Resolutions You Can Do In 1 Minute Jan 5, 2017 by Sarah (Day Styles)

A lot of people create goals and resolutions so big that they quit before they’ve finished their resolutions! Instead, we’re big fans of making small, gradual changes that you’re much more likely to complete. Try these New Year’s Resolutions that will take you less than one minute each day.

Eat More Veggies

Instead of listing all of the things that you know you shouldn’t eat this new year, try making a list of all of the things that you want to start incorporating into your diet. Fresh fruits and veggies are a great start. The antioxidants help keep us looking and feeling our best by helping keep our cells healthy! Keep containers of sliced fruits and vegetables in your fridge, and it will be super easy to eat these throughout the day, unintentionally replacing other foods that you’d normally use for a snack!

Gratitude Journal

Write down one thing every day that you’re grateful for! It could be anything you want, and everybody will be different, but that’s what is fun about it. Thinking about things that you love and make you happy can actually influence your moods and perspective on life. It can help decrease symptoms of depression and lessen anxiety as well, according to a study published in Psychology Today in 2012. All of those benefits in less than one minute? We’ll definitely give it a try.


A lot of people often forget about water, but water is what keeps us alive! It helps to increase energy, flush out toxins, and keeps us nice and hydrated. If you’re always dehydrated, you’ll know how awful it feels. You feel sluggish, tired, parched, and sometimes even hungry. To help motivate you, you could find a water bottle that you love and keep it with you all the time. Take thirty seconds and refill it throughout the day and keep yourself hydrated (BONUS: it gives you a quick break from your desk/computer!) You’ll quickly notice how your skin and hair look better and you’ll feel SO much better as well.


You don’t have to immerse yourself into an hour-long meditation session to reap the benefits that come with proper mindfulness. People who have never attempted meditation before might struggle with it at the beginning, so it’s best to take small steps when you’re starting out. Meditation is all about controlling your mind and keeping it in the present, so just aiming for a minute of mental clarity is an easy way to start. Some people find great apps that you can download to remind you to take a minute out of your day, breath deeply, and clear your mind. They can also guide you through the process and slowly increase your meditative practices!


Did you know many personal injuries are caused because of lack of flexibility? If you don’t have a lot of time for physical movement throughout the day, take at least sixty seconds and stretch. Look up recommended stretches for your job online or talk to your doctor, trainer, or an athletic friend. Do a little for your neck and back, do a little for your arms and shoulders, and do a little for your legs and lower back. When you do this every day you’ll be surprised how much easier your body will move and with so much less pain and stiffness.

Already given up on your big goal for New Year’s? Don’t let that stop you in 2017 and try one of these easy one-minute resolutions.



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