5 Best Gifts For Your Dad This Father's Day Jun 15, 2017 by Alex (Day Styles)

Father's Day is approaching this weekend, and if you're anything like me, you might find it incredibly difficult to figure out what to get your Father for his special day. Lucky for you, we've put in some research and have some awesome ideas for you to choose from!

1. A Neck Pillow Made for Anyone

Travel + Leisure

Is your dad a frequent flyer? Get him a Father's Day gift that he's going to use! This neck pillow from Amazon is made for anyone and is big enough for any position you want while you're flying.

2. A Bedtime Story, About Beer

Bailiwick Express

If your dad is a "lager connoisseur" this book might be the perfect parody gift for him! Goodnight Brew is a humorous version of Goodnight Moon and is perfect for any dad's out there that are beer drinkers with a good sense of humor.

3. Cut Resistant Gloves


For those with a dad who knows their way around a kitchen, these gloves may come in "hand-y". They are totally cut resistant, meaning if your dad is chopping something and the knife slips, he WON'T cut himself! Brilliant!

4. The Perfect Steak Thermometer

Steak Champ

SteakChamp is the ultimate thermometer that helps you cook a steak to PERFECTION, no matter what your preference. The difference between it and a normal thermometer? The SteakChamp measures temperature through the whole probe, not just at the end!

5. A Card Sized Phone Charger


If you’re looking for something your dad is going to be able to use often, check out this 3-pack of card sized portable phone chargers. He can take them with him in his wallet wherever he goes! It’s perfect if your dad is a tech junkie.



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