15 Ways To Get Over Your Ex Apr 26, 2016 by Sarah (Day Styles)

It’s hard to get over a former partner, especially if you were together for a really long time. If you’re finding it difficult to move past your relationship, here are some sure-fire ways to help!

Let Your Emotions Out

It’s totally normal to cry after a breakup, especially if it was really serious and/or really long term. However, try your best to do the crying in private where you can let the emotions work themselves out. It can be easier to move on after a breakup when you’ve had a good cry and let it all out.

Set A Time to Grieve And Then Move On

It’s definitely acceptable, and expected, to be sad. But set a specific time, which you think is a reasonable time to grieve and stick to it. Once your time is up, make a conscious effort to get rid of your feelings, move past the breakup, and get on with your life. An ex shouldn’t have the power to make you grieve forever, don’t let them have that power! Take charge of your life so you’re in control.

Get Rid Of Their Stuff

If you have stuff at their place, going back to get it is going to bring forward a lot of old memories that you don’t want. Opt to part ways with the things you left at their place. However, get rid of all of the stuff they kept at your place because you don’t want a constant reminder of what was. If you don’t think you have the nerve to return their stuff yourself, ask a friend if they wouldn’t mind returning it for you and spare you the emotional distress.

Make Them Less Accessible

Leaving the phone number of your ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend in your phone “just in case” is comparable to leaving a piece of cake on the counter “just in case” - it’s torture. You don’t need cake; you don’t need to contact your ex. That means deleting their phone number, unfriending them on Facebook, unfollowing them on Twitter and just making yourself less accessible for them, and vice versa.

Work Through The Anger

It’s normal to be upset and angry about a breakup; it’s a difficult time for anyone. The key to getting over your ex is to not let all of those negative feelings take over you. Admit and recognize how you’re feeling, embrace how you’re feeling and then let it go and move on.


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