12 Great Gifts Made in America Dec 14, 2016 by Sarah (Day Styles)

It has become far too common to look at a label on a new product and realize that it’s been made overseas, even if it’s an American company. While it’s true that a ton of manufacturing has been outsourced, the good news is that some companies have kept the business right here in the United States. Here are some of the best products that are still made in America - perfect gifts for friends, family, or for yourself!

Earnest Sewn Jeans

WRK Design

Earnest Sewn Jeans is based in New York while every pair of jeans is designed, washed, finished, and shipped in Los Angeles. Earnest Sewn prefers to keep their production in Los Angeles because the City of Angels has the best industrial launders specifically for denim, and for such high-end pairs of jeans, it’s important to have the highest caliber of service and manufacture possible. But the style is all New York, where the company had its original retailers. Now you can buy them online and in stores like Nordstrom.



The iconic crayons are still made in the same place as when you were using them as a child! Every crayon is manufactured in Easton, Pennsylvania. Crayola also makes a ton of different art supplies including colored pencils, markers, chalk, paint, and Silly Putty that can be found in classrooms and children’s bedrooms across the country. To keep up with demand Crayola employs over a thousand people in the United States and makes three billion crayons every year! Crayola is the perfect gift for kids, families, and teachers.


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