The Best Desserts You’ve Never Heard Of Sep 3, 2015 by Ian (Day Styles)

When you’re on a diet, dessert is usually the first to go. But it’s important for your mental health to let loose and relax every once and a while. (Honestly, who hasn’t needed an emergency tub of ice cream now and then?) No one’s recommending a sugar-only diet, but denying yourself the true pleasures in life won’t make you happy either. It’s best to skip candy bars full of chemicals and artificial flavors, instead, why not give these a try? These interesting deserts from around the world are sure to satisfy body and soul.



Brigadeiros are a simple but delicious dessert made from condensed milk, butter, and chocolate. These chocolate treats come straight from the beaches of Brazil, so get ready to sit back and relax. The traditional coating of chocolate sprinkles gives me a rush of childlike pleasure, but you can also try almonds, cashew shavings, or shredded coconut instead, making every bite a different delight!


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