Celebs Surprising Screen Debut May 13, 2015 by Chris (Day Styles)



Long before Tom Hanks won his 2 Best Actor Academy Awards and before he became a household name with “Big” & “Joe vs. the Volcano”, Tom made his first on screen appearance in the 80s slasher flick “He Knows You’re Alone”. Tom was just 23 when he packed his bags and moved to New York City with the dream of starting a career in acting, catch his first big scene at the 62 minute mark of the mostly forgotten film He Knows You’re Alone.


For nearly 20 years, Leonardo DiCaprio has been one of Hollywood’s favorite leading actors, especially after his roles in “Titanic” & “Romeo & Juliet” where he became an instant heartthrob. DiCaprio had tried for years to get his foot in the studio before he got his first big break joining the cast of Growing Pains in 1991. His first on screen appearance was in the late 80s and was this commercial for BubbleYum, which is about as 80's as you can get.


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