How To Make a Perfect Cup of Coffee Jan 29, 2016 by Ian (Day Styles)

If you want a perfect cup of coffee at home but don’t want to shell out for an espresso machine – or maybe you prefer a regular cup of joe – then you need to use a French Press. Drip coffee doesn’t capture the full flavor or health benefits of the beans! French Presses are those glass beakers you might see from time to time in coffee shops, and they have a lot of advantages over automatic drip machines! A French Press doesn’t use filters and allows you to get the maximum flavor of the beans (we pay a lot for specific roasts, so get the flavor!), as well as the beneficial essential oils on the beans. You can also choose whether you want a milder or stronger pot – for a lighter cup, steep the beans for just 90 seconds, and, if you want a real kick in the pants, let the water and grounds sit for four minutes! Making a perfect cup with a French Press is worth if you want a real good cup of joe (and even if it’s not perfect it’s a lot better than the alternative.) Just remember these simple tricks from the video, provided by Counter Culture Coffee!

Quick + Easy French Press Coffee from Counter Culture Coffee on Vimeo.



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