Bite-Sized Desserts To Cut Back This Holiday Season Dec 2, 2016 by Sarah (Day Styles)

With the holiday season creeping up on us, it won’t be long before we’re overindulging in dinners, drinks, and desserts. If you’re in charge of preparing the sweets, try bite-sized desserts to eat less and stay trim. (The only problem? You can only have one or two!) But if you can stay strong, these bite-sized desserts are perfect for parties and portion control at the same time.

Mini Chocolate Chip Cookies

Mini chocolate chip cookies are probably one of the easier things to make for the holidays, and you can limit yourself to just one or two of these tiny portions. Making these cookies is easy. Instead of using a full tablespoon of dough per cookie, use half a teaspoon instead. Keep each ball two inches apart and you’ll be able to fit more on a cookie tray. They’ll come out the cutest cookies you’ve ever seen!

Dark Chocolate Pudding Shots

This is a simple dessert that you could bring almost anywhere. Grab your absolutely favorite pudding recipe and portion it out into individual shot glasses so everyone can grab a taste! The hardest part of this recipe would probably be the number of shot glasses you have to clean afterward, but it’s worth it!     

Mini Pies

Mini pies are an impressive dessert to serve at a holiday dinner, but they do require some skill and time, like any traditional pie. You’ll need to make a standard crust and then use a muffin tin to make each pie. (It’s simple enough but if you need help we recommend this tutorial.) Fill each of the pies with filling in the tray and then wrap the crust on top. You’ll impress everyone with your baking and no one can take an extra big slice.


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