Want To Know What Your Cat Is Really Saying? Sep 14, 2016 by Ian (Day Styles)

Want to know what your cat is thinking? Whether or not you’re overly fond of our feline friends, most people agree that cats can be mysterious creatures! While our canine companions have learned how to recognize and respond to human emotions, cats are considered confusing and secretive. Scientists still aren’t sure whether or not cars have even been domesticated - or they’ve simply trained people to use the can opener! However, new studies of animal behavior have revealed tantalizing hints about cats that feline lovers will appreciate. It turns out we’ve maybe been misinterpreting some of the more common ways these inscrutable creatures communicate, including purring and meowing. The Science of Us produced by NY Mag created a truly adorable video presenting this amazing research. Think you know what your cat is trying to say? Find out in the video. But let’s just say we were shocked to learn that when they’re purring cats aren’t necessarily content, but they’re looking for attention and convincing you to stay. And meowing? Cats only meow towards people, not other cats, and can develop a secret language understood only by their owners. (That’s sure going to be ammunition in the next round of cats vs. dogs!) Our cats are definitely trying to speak to us—and we can learn how to listen.



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