The 25 Best Animal Buddies Jan 20, 2017 by Ian (Day Styles)

While some animals are safest when viewed from afar, there are other animals that just want to be friends! Here are the friendliest animals, from our favorite pets to exotic animals from around the world. (Just remember that any animal can be dangerous when threatened or provoked, so never approach an animal if you don’t know what you’re doing!)

African Pygmy Hedgehogs

African Pygmy Hedgehogs is another name for a smaller variety of white-bellied four-toed hedgehogs often sold as pets. Thousands of years ago the Romans domesticated hedgehogs for their quills and, today, they’ve been popular since the 1980s as an exotic pet. These nervous little animals can be very amicable when treated properly! Pygmy hedgehogs are just 6-10 inches in length with a coat of white and black quills along their backs and heads.

Hedgehogs are surprisingly active and energetic, wandering for miles in search of food. They can curl into a ball when frightened and create a wall of spines to protect their face and sensitive belly. While they have an instinctive fear of larger predators (which can include humans), when tamed and handled well they can be responsive and happy. They’ll even enjoy getting a little tummy rub or stroke along their quills - just be very careful!


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