Senior Students Donate Their Class Trip Money to Help Principal May 28, 2015 by Chris (Day Styles)

For the previous 4 years, the senior class at Profile Junior-Senior High School in New Hampshire had saved $8,000 for their class trip. With the recent news from their principal, Courtney Vashaw, battling cancer, they took it upon themselves to use this money for a greater cause.

The senior class had a vote on whether to go on the class trip, or donate the money for her cancer treatment. The vote was unanimous, every dollar would go towards Courtney’s upcoming cancer treatment. Courtney was invited to a senior class meeting where the students surprised her with the news, with this support we can only hope for a great outcome in Courtney’s ongoing battle.

Recently a You Caring donation page was opened to help send these generous students on a much deserved class trip.



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