Deaf Girl Teaches Her Deaf Puppy Sign Language Aug 12, 2016 by Ian (Day Styles)

Video released by the Pasadena Humane Society & SPCA  with 1620 Media via ABC News.

When the Pasadena Humane Society received a litter of abandoned puppies, they discovered that one of the little guys was deaf. Little did they know that the six-week-old puppy would find a perfect home—and a little girl who needed a puppy that was just like her. Julia and Walter are now best friends and the intrepid little girl is even teaching her new companion how to recognize sign language for words including “sit” and “food.” Julia’s mother, Chrissy, is ecstatic that they could find such an amazing dog for her daughter. When Julia was a baby and couldn’t hear her voice, the little girl would recognize Chrissy by smelling her neck. The first time Walter was introduced to Julia and her mother, the deaf puppy did the exact same thing!  Now, Walter is Julia’s best friend. There is always someone out there for everyone.



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