Best Pets for Apartment Living Apr 13, 2015 by Elle (Day Styles)

With no yard, limited space, and potential monthly fees, owning a pet in an apartment can be hard, expensive, and inconvenient—which is why we've put together a list of some easy-to-care-for pets that require minimal space and are welcome in any pet-friendly apartment. These funny, fuzzy, beautiful, and fascinating pets are all you need for your pet-fix and are just the ear you need after an especially rough day.


These fluffy members of royalty may pretend like they don't care about your comings and goings, but they don't fool us. After a long day there is nothing better than that little ball of fur curled on your lap and purring away. Cats are small and they love fitting into the most cramped of places—so apartment living is right up their alley! All they need is a corner or closet for their litter box and they're all set. Since cats tend to be capable of less damage and noise than large dogs and some other animals, they are one of the most accepted pets and even have lower pet deposits at many places.


The nation fell in love with this small pet when a certain insurance company began using it as a mascot and personality. The truth is that, though it doesn't fit the standard fuzzy pet description, it brings many other benefits to the table. Geckos have no hair, so they are a great option for those who want to own a pet but are allergic to typical pet dander. Geckos are typically more interactive than other reptiles, like snakes, and will beg for attention when handled regularly.


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