90 Year Old Tortoise is Faster than Ever Apr 28, 2015 by Chris (Day Styles)


In Pembroke, West Wales, Judy Ryder has kept her pet tortoise like family for over 30 years. Every spring she would let her pet live in her garden, and tuck her away in the winter to hibernate. While Mrs T, the 90-year old tortoise, was hibernating a rat snuck into her home and chewed off both her front legs. Although Mrs T had survived the attack and was being cared for by a local vet, her owner feared she wouldn’t survive long without being mobile.

Fortunately the owner’s son, Dale, is a mechanical engineer and looked to help in any way possible. He designed a front wheel system that attached to the front of Mrs T’s shell. The 90 year old tortoise took to the new tires right away, and is now twice as fast as she use to be. Now this 90-year old is the faster turtle in Wales.



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