22 Unexpectedly Cute Animals Jun 14, 2016 by Ian (Day Styles)


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You might not think of an octopus when you think of your favorite animals, but these fascinating creatures can be beautiful and adorable in equal measure. Everyone knows that the octopus can release a cloud of ink to escape from danger, but they can also change color, and some can even detach one of their eight tentacles as a distraction! This all goes to show that octopuses are some of the most intelligent animals on the planet. They have impressive memories and use tools, including shells and coconuts. They have a reputation for escaping from their aquariums and making a break for freedom! Sadly, these strange creatures only live for six months to a year. Both parents die soon after laying thousands of eggs, and the mother starves to death while she guards her young until they hatch, releasing cute little octopodes.


We’re not talking about adult alligators, to be honest, we’re only referring to the babies. You’ve probably heard the urban myth that alligators flushed down the alligator still live in the sewer, but have you ever wondered why anyone would buy an alligator in the first place? Well, they’re surprisingly cute when they're little! Alligators have a primeval majesty, but their hatchlings have a goofy smile and googly eyes. Of course, fully grown alligators are too big and dangerous to be a pet. In the wild, female alligators create a nest and guard their young against intruders (including other alligators) for the first year of their lives, when these little guys are at their cutest. After that, the young alligator is on its own. At that stage, it’s best to avoid alligators altogether.


Everyone knows to stay away from a skunk. No one wants to get sprayed by these otherwise harmless animals. But you have to admit that skunks are pretty cute. Some people are so enamored with the little guys that they remove the scent glands and keep them as pets. Bushy-tailed and wiggle-nosed, skunks are scavengers and omnivores with an amazing sense of smell and hearing but terrible eyesight. They are unable to see anything more than 10 feet away, one of the main reasons why so many skunks are hit by passing cars. Normally, these little guys are found rooting around for food in at dusk and dawn - right when you’re out for a run or walking you dog. In fact, dogs are the only animal silly enough to approach a nervous skunk. Foxes, wolves, and even bears avoid them like the plague.

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