Top Habits That Are Super Annoying To Your Fitness Instructor Jul 18, 2016 by Sarah (Day Styles)

Are you a group fitness fanatic? I might prefer spin class three times a week, but there are always so many different activities to choose from when you’re at the gym. However, no matter how often you attend the gym there might be some bad habits you’ve gotten used to that are actually annoying the fitness instructor! I spoke with one of my fitness instructors to find out some of the bad habits that drive the instructor crazy. Keep these bad habits in mind and try to be a more engaged student the next time you hit the gym!

Not Following The Class

When you come to a fitness class, the whole point of the class is for the instructor to take you through an effective and safe workout. If you show up to class only to use the equipment and don’t follow instructions, you should leave and workout in the main gym. Give your spot to someone who actually wants to take the class. The program is designed to take participants through a particular type of workout, so if you don’t follow along your chances for injury increase exponentially and you’re probably distracting those around you.

Leaving Early

Instructors get it; sometimes people have to leave class early for personal reasons. However if you know you have to leave class early, take a spot at the back of the room near the exit, so you don’t interrupt the other participants. Check-in with your instructor before class and let them know you’ll be leaving early - that way they’ll know you haven’t hurt yourself, and you won’t bruise their ego (they might have thought you were bored). Of course, it’s always ideal to stay until the end of the class to make sure you’re getting a full workout as well as a proper cool down and stretch. If you’re new to fitness, it is very beneficial to stay and learn how to stretch and cool down properly. If you’re leaving because you just don’t want to stretch or cool down, you should seriously reconsider, as proper stretching can help you avoid injury at a later time.

Not Asking For Help When You Need It

Whether you’re new to the gym, or you’re just new to a specific group, not asking for help when you need it can be truly upsetting for your instructor. If you don’t know how to perform an exercise correctly, or you don’t know how to set up your new equipment, let them know and they’d be more than happy to show you. It’s hard for the to lead you through a proper workout using proper form and technique if your equipment is wrong or you started in the wrong position. Grab your instructor’s attention before class if you’re new, or you can stay afterward and ask for guidance especially if you felt you missed something important - that’s why they’re there!

Being Late

Similar to leaving class early, being late to class can be just as distracting. If you’re a few minutes late and can find a spot at the back, it’s not the end of the world and the instructor is usually more than happy to have more people in class. However, if you’re late, you should try and enter the studio without distracting your fellow participants. Just be quiet and respectful when you set up your equipment. At the same time, missing the warm-up and initial instructions is a big deal, as you don’t want to jump into the middle of an intense workout with cold muscles, and it increases your chance of injury. Try your hardest to be respectful of everyone’s time - the instructor always has to be there on schedule, so give yourself the time you need to arrive when the class is ready to begin.


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