Top Winter Workouts Jan 6, 2016 by Sarah (Day Styles)

Winter makes a lot of people stay inside and hibernate. This winter don’t let the cold stop you, winter is a great time to head outdoors and exercise! If you live in an area without real snow, then you’re going to miss out on these great winter workouts, but snow or shine it’s still super important to get outside and exercise. And if you’re in the snow belt, there are so many great activities that you can only do in winter, and the fact that they help keep our fitness levels up is just a bonus!

Ice Skating

The balance that comes with ice skating is second to none, and it actually works all of the little muscles in your lower body that you don’t normally use on a day to day basis. If you put a lot of effort into skating, it can be a great workout for your lower body (especially your behind!) and is great for cardiovascular strength as well, if you get moving quickly. A lot of winter cities have public rinks and rental skates, so you don’t need to buy any equipment!


Sledding is a fun activity for people of all ages! Even though it doesn’t take much to go down a big hill on a sled, you’re working some major muscles to walk all the way back up. This is a great lower body workout, and you can add upper body by lifting your sled and carrying it all the way to the top! Besides being a great fitness activity, it’s a fantastic chance to reconnect with your kids and channel your inner child.

Ice Hockey

What game is more associated with the winter months than ice hockey? You’re back on your skates, so hockey requires a lot of lower body strength, that’s for sure. Hockey also trains hand-eye coordination to be able to get a puck away from opponents and into the net. Because of the fast pace of the sport, it’s a really great cardiovascular workout that trains every muscle in your body as you learn to control everything you’re doing. Just don’t forget a helmet!


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