Top 5 Tips To Make Weekday Workouts Actually Happen Jun 24, 2016 by Sarah (Day Styles)

We can’t think of a better way to start Sunday morning than waking up, enjoying some fresh fruit, and going for a long leisurely bike ride or long run with a friend. Sounds pretty great, right? Unfortunately, once our weekdays start the thought of working out is put on the back burner. Between work meetings and social engagements, finding time for exercise seems like a daunting task that takes way too much work. At the same time, it’s important that we all find the time (preferably three days a week) to fit in some exercise, even if it’s only twenty minutes at a time! If you exercise more often, you’ll start to feel less fatigued and more energized! It will also help reduce your stress levels and increase your sleep. Here are five simple tips that will help you make time for weekday workouts!

Stick To Your Schedule

Treat your workouts like a project at work and put your workouts on your calendar, whether you use a day planner or your phone, treat it seriously! When you know your workouts planned in advanced, it makes it easier psychologically to stick with them. When you have your schedule established, and you stick with it for a few weeks, it will feel much less daunting and will just become a habit going forward! Take some time every Sunday to plan your workouts and maybe set a workout goal that you’d like to crush during the week. Hold a certain yoga pose for five seconds? Complete a certain number of reps? Hit every beat in your spin class? Whatever your goal, stick with your plan and get your sweat on!

Get Your Stuff Ready

With your workout schedule planned for your whole week, now it’s time to make sure you have all of your gear clean and ready to go for the week! Doing laundry is easy to get done on the weekends so all of your athletic apparel should be clean and sorted. It may take a bit more preparation if you exercise early in the mornings before you shower and get ready for work, especially if you get ready at the gym, but it’s nothing you can’t handle. Make a list of articles and equipment you’ll need to bring (everything from yoga mats to the right shoes and shower sandals). You may want to invest in a laundry bag so that your sweaty clothes don’t go back inside your clean gym bag and don’t forget some “on the go” snacks (like protein bars or granola) that you can munch on after your workout.

Know Yourself

If you’re not a morning person, an early morning workout probably isn’t going to work for you. If you can barely get to work on time, you’re not going to make it to yoga. Just be realistic! If you’re not a morning person, exercise after work instead of first thing in the morning and the chances are you’ll be much more likely to stick to your schedule. If you know that you’re always exhausted and can’t focus after a long day at the office, a morning spin class might work for you. It all depends on you and what you can realistically manage with your schedule. If your work allows you a more flexible schedule, maybe you take it as an opportunity to fit in a mid-day workout to wake you up and get your focused to finish the day strong! Whatever it is, if you’re realistic then you’re much more likely to stick with your new weekday workouts.

Spice It Up!

Once you get into the swing of your new routine, you may find that it becomes a little mundane. Once you’re used to the timing of your new schedule, you should try and keep it interesting by varying your exercise regimen. There are so many different programs out there that let you switch things up and try new classes every month that it shouldn’t be a problem finding something interesting. Switching up your routine can increase the excitement factor and keep you motivated. You can also try and recruit some friends or colleagues to attend a different program as a group. If classes aren’t your cup of tea, use online videos or join a team sport like volleyball or baseball!

Find Your Troop

Working out can keep you fit and healthy, but it’s even more fun when you have a group of like-minded people to make things fun! It helps get you excited to go to the gym, it helps keep you motivated, and it definitely helps to keep you accountable to your goals knowing that other people at the gym are waiting for you. If you don’t know anyone that’s willing to join you, try making friends in a new class or look on Meetup for a workout group to join! Also, make sure to ask around your office to see if you can find anyone who’d want to join you for a lunchtime sweat session. Chances are someone else is looking for a workout buddy too, so don’t be shy! It might sound sappy, but, if we’re honest, you can make some lasting friendships and great memories with friends you meet at the gym. That can help you stay just as healthy and energetic as exercise.



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