Need more reasons to love chocolate? Apr 16, 2015 by Alan (Day Styles)

Mouth-watering food can be nutritious as well. There is no better example for illustrating this point than chocolate, which has a number of interesting benefits for both mental and physical health.

  • It has been proven that the consumption of chocolate can lower blood pressure in the short run, which can be useful for people who are struggling with high blood pressure. On a related note, there is reason to believe that chocolate can lower the level of LDL cholesterol, plus evidence suggesting that it can improve the function of the cardiovascular system.
  • These factors could be responsible for an apparent connection between the consumption of chocolate and lower incidences of strokes and heart diseases. Furthermore, the evidence suggests that people who eat chocolate tend to suffer from milder strokes than their counterparts, which has interesting implications.
  • The brain needs the flow of blood to keep it running in optimal condition. Since there are studies suggesting that the consumption of chocolate can keep blood flowing, it is thought that it could help people retain their full mental faculties well into old age.
  • Finally, eating chocolate is pleasurable, meaning that it has a beneficial effect when it comes to stress. Given that stress suppresses our immune systems, which can lead to a whole host of serious medical conditions, it seems that the consumption of chocolate makes us less prone to falling sick.

Of course, it is important to remember that eating chocolate can have its downsides as well. In this as in other things, moderation is best.



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