Hottest New Workouts 2016 Feb 26, 2016 by Sarah (Day Styles)

We are always a fan of being healthy and active, so we love to see new and different types of workouts emerging every year. There are so many great ways to be active there’s never a reason to be lazy – and the more options you have, the less likely it is you’ll choose to stay home and do nothing. Here are some great new workouts that have been trending in the past year and are ready to take it up a notch in 2016.

Hot Pilates

Hot Yoga has been a very popular workout for a long while but now more “hot” workouts are becoming increasingly popular, such as Hot Pilates. Hot Pilates uses the same set-up as hot yoga, only the movements are Pilates-based. Hot workouts really take things up a level as the workouts are more intense, you burn more calories, and it helps to detoxify the body. If this is your go-to workout just make sure to drink a lot of water before and after!

Aqua Spinning

Aqua Spinning is exactly what it sounds like, a spin bike submerged underwater, and you spin in a group just like you would in a regular spin class. The water provides extra resistance to your pedaling and makes the class much harder than usual. The high-intensity class started in Europe by a physical therapist looking to help injured athletes get back into the saddle. The fact that the resistance comes from the water makes it low-impact and is perfect for those rehabilitating an injury.

Barre Workouts

Barre workouts have become increasingly popular over the last year or two. The workout itself takes its origins from ballet, but for those who can’t dance, there’s no need to panic. You don’t need any dance experience to take a barre class! Most classes have the same structure: a mat-based warm up, followed by a series of arm workouts, a series of lower body workouts and then a series of core workouts. The moves are typically bodyweight only, so you don’t need any equipment, and you can do this at home too!


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