Get Motivated to Workout for a Healthier You Jul 13, 2015 by Cathy (Day Styles)

Learn to CRAVE Exercise


Fitness Magazine experts know it's tough to get motivated to exercise when there are so many other things you'd like to be doing. Like sleeping, eating, watching television, or maybe lazing on the beach for the day. That's all fine and dandy but it's not good for you. Your body was designed for daily intense cardiovascular and muscle building exercise.



If exercise was null and void the fittest of the fit wouldn't have existed thousands of years ago to hunt down animals for food. Instead people would have been free meals for all the dangerous creatures roaming the earth. In other words you wouldn't exist because humans would have all eventually become easy prey. You can whine and cry as much as you like but your “physiological” needs challenging exercise. And you can choose to keep on making excuses that will increase the speed in which you meet your demise. Or you can stand up to the challenge and COMMIT to do whatever it takes to take care of your health and fitness. Where you will look for ways to get your daily runs in and weight training rather than shove it off to the side and waste your life away.

Kelly McGonigal, PhD, a health psychologist and fitness trainer says by exercising regularly you are tapping into your natural inner motivation to get sweaty. You were born to exercise and somehow you've learned to ignore that and turn it off. The time has come to make things right by opening your body and mind to the awesomeness of getting out-of-breath-sweaty. So you will release crazy amounts of energy, level blood sugars, deter disease, lose weight, reduce symptoms of chronic disease, lower blood pressure, and most importantly flip your life switch to positive. *ALL POSITIVES IN A WORLD WITH WAY TOO MANY NEGATIVES!


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