Workout Gear Every Woman Should Have Jan 18, 2016 by Sarah (Day Styles)

Exercise should be a part of everyone’s routine. It’s important to exercise at least three times per week to stay fit. While you don't always need a lot of specialized gear to stay in shape, especially if you prefer outdoor activities, for us women there are definitely some key items that we should always have on hand for our gym workouts. These seven items are worth the investment, ensuring your exercise experience is comfortable and effective.

The Right Shoes

You’ve heard the saying “give a girl the right pair of shoes, and she can conquer the world,” well, how about starting by conquering the gym? Make sure you keep in mind exactly what activity you’ll be doing most often. Are you a runner? You’ll need to be fitted for proper running shoes. Are you a weightlifter? You should opt for a cross-trainer instead of a bulky runner. Are you into spinning? Maybe you want to invest in a pair of spin shoes. Make sure your shoes are comfortable and durable, as they will also help you avoid injury in the gym.

A Proper Sports Bra

Ladies, this is one of those things that you can feel safe really investing money in. A sports bra is the difference between a great workout or a day or two of back pain, and a GOOD sports bra is going to make every part of your workout more comfortable. Try on a sports bra before you buy it to ensure it fits properly and don’t be afraid to shell out few extra dollars if you find a sports bra that fits better – it’s worth it!

Great Headphones

How hard is it to work out and not listen to anything at all? There are only a few people that enjoy silence while running outside, but in a gym, there’s even fewer. With all of the people around, it’s nice to drown out all the extra noise. Be sure to grab some headphones specifically designed for sport, so that your sweat won’t break them!


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