Your Mattress Should be a Priority Investment Aug 20, 2015 by Cathy (Day Styles)

A Good Night’s Sleep is so Important

WebMD experts report about one third of your life is spent sleeping. So it makes sense you should invest in a quality mattress so you can at least have the opportunity to get quality sleep. Rather than tossing and turning all night on a subpar mattress. Dr. Michael Decker, spokesman for AASM, American Academy of Sleep Medicine says, your mattress directly impacts your sleep. In simple terms it’s the way the mattress connects with your capillaries underneath your skin that is the big deal.

It makes sense that when you lay on the mattress you are naturally restricting blood flow and because of your health status and genetic makeup you are going to react differently than another person. And when oxygen is deprived so are nutrients to your skin and body. Ultimately your body senses pain and this causes you to roll over or shift and wake up. Which of course restores breathing to the area but your sleep interruption isn’t a good thing.


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