Winter Skin Care Tips Dec 2, 2015 by Cathy (Day Styles)

The winter weather brings that healthy rosy winter glow to your cheeks, but that cold also wreaks havoc on your delicate skin. When the temperature drops the moisture literally gets sucked right out of your skin and this causes dryness from head to toe. Many people with “tough” skin wind up with minor skin ailments just because of the cold and dryness in the air. If you have sensitive skin or get extreme dryness, it may crack and bleed and this leads to inflamed skin conditions like eczema. The worst part is cranking the heat up to keep warm on the cold winter months increases the dryness in the air and starves your mucous membranes. Here are a few practical solutions to keep your skin healthy all year long.

Talk to a Skincare Specialist

When you want to get the correct advice, it’s important that you go to the experts, the cream of the crop, the skin specialists. I’m not saying that drugstore makeup artists don’t know what they are talking about, cuz they do, but they also have a job to do and that’s selling skincare products, so some of what they are saying might be influenced by their paycheck. I’ve seen so many people duped into buying expensive skincare products that aren’t any better than cheaper versions they just didn’t know about. People are willing to pay for pretty packaging and “the name.” What’s important is how your skin responds to the product – and how it feels on your skin, not the dollar value.

Lather Up

In the winter, you will need to moisturize more, and probably even switch up the type of product. A lighter cream may work fine for spring and summer but when fall rolls around you’re going to have to kick up the protection a notch or two, and this means changing your skincare routine.  One change might be from a water-based cream to oil-based for the winter months. You need to do whatever it takes to keep that moisture from seeping out and causing dryness.


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