Water & Lemon – Just What The Doctor Ordered Sep 10, 2015 by Sarah (Day Styles)

We hear over and over again that we should start our day with a glass of water and some lemon juice mixed in. Celebrities are doing it, celebrity coaches are recommending it but do we really know why they are suggesting we do this? Why not just have coffee? Or a plain glass of water? Is lemon and water a trend? Or simply a trick to make our water taste better?

No matter what the reason is behind lemon water, we are always trying to find something that will make our lives a little healthier and a little more balanced.  There are actually a multitude of benefits that can happen from consuming a big glass of lemon water each morning. It’s good to note though that it’s recommended using room temperature water first thing in the morning as ice cold water can be a real shock to your nervous system and prevent many of the below health benefits from actually working.


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