Wacky Ways to Pummel Work Related Stress Sep 25, 2015 by Cathy (Day Styles)

Stress is essential to human survival; evolution is proof of that. But when stress starts to become extreme and consistent with zero letup, that’s when it transforms into downright dangerous! In the workplace environment, stress seems to strike particularly hard. Likely because most people would rather be just about anywhere but work. J-O-B…Just Over Broke! The experts from conventional and alternative medicine, along with all sorts of mental-mind masters and self-help associates have driven hard to uncover solutions for dealing with or just managing hardcore stress or anxiety. Go for a run, take a walk, listen to nature, read a book, turn up the music real loud, and take a long hot bubble bath with candles and the works, are easy suggestions for taking the edge off stress. Been there, done that right? Here are a few off the beaten path strategies to help you zap stress so you can start uncovering the positive of your workplace.

Hypnotize YOU!

This one may sound a bit whacky, but it’s definitely a wonderfully powerful tool for some. You and I both know your brain is a mighty powerful thing. Yes, it can make you worry like crazy but it can also give you a break. And when you learn to take a chill pill and find your quiet space you will be able to slip into a state of calm and flip your switch positive by repeating positive affirmations. These are statements about yourself that make you feel good.If you tell yourself something enough, and I mean to say it physically and mean it, over time you will believe it and then it magically transforms into your new reality. A wonderful tool to battle off stress and focus positive even in the crappiest of circumstances. Test it out and let me know how you do!


Take Up Boxing or Kickboxing

Experts agree that when you get focused on rigorous activity you’ll benefit on several levels. More oxygen energizes your internal circuitry, your cardiovascular gets pumping, endorphins are released to reduce stress and increase energy, and your head just flips to positive. Plus, when you get your body moving your appetite naturally decreases, you feel better about you, and often your sex drive kicks it up a notch or two. All of this sends a nice round of right hooks at stress and this means you are taking affirmative action to beat nasty stress. Now I don’t recommend you apply any of your masterful boxing techniques on people at work, though. Leave that for the gym, please.


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