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When it comes to attaining a healthy weight, an individual will usually be required to implement a type of diet into their eating plan. A weight loss diet plan should consist of balanced meals all throughout the day. Weight watchers is a great program who wants to lose weight and maintain themselves at that weight. However, certain elements of discipline need to be implemented into their lifestyle. It is a program that claims its members can have the opportunity of losing 2 pounds per week. Some of the advantages of the weight watchers diet is that the individual can pretty much eat what they want. They have the flexibility of shaping their own diet as well. The meal plans are based off a point system in which each food is rated based on their nutritional value and effect on the individual in regards to health. It is a good diet plan to follow routinely.

South Beach Diet

The South Beach Diet has proven itself as being a viable option for attaining a healthy weight. It emphasizes eating low-glycemic sources of carbohydrates, lean proteins and high fiber foods. It also does a good job of differentiating between good and bad forms of carbohydrates. The diet consists of three different stages, in which there is a gradual increase in the proportions of carbohydrates consumed as the diet progresses. Although the proportions may increase, there is a decrease in fats and proteins. This fluctuation within one's system tricks the body's metabolism into losing fat by intertwining the diet with a consistent exercise routine. The diet includes vegetables, lean meats, and "good" forms of fats.


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