Travel Tips to Nip Jet Lag in the Bud! Jul 30, 2015 by Cathy (Day Styles)

Take Action Against Jet Lag and WIN!

Mayo Clinic describes jet lag as a temporary sleep disorder affecting people travelling across different time zones. When you’re zipping across time zones the last thing you need is to be exhausted when the day has just begun! You experience jet lag because your body is naturally programmed to do a bunch of different things over a 24 hour period; eat, sleep, and so forth. It all comes down to your circadian rhythm that gets disjointed when you travel into new time zones. This confusion leads to tummy issues, bowel troubles, extreme tiredness, and memory and concentration issues. And according to Sky Scanner going west is best cuz east is a beast! Lol The science behind this is people travelling east struggle more because they are trying to get settled down to sleep when their bodies are trying to wake up.

Try and Adjust Your Routine BEFORE You Jet Off

If you can adjust your sleep schedule in particular before you fly it will go a long way to resetting your internal clock when you reach your destination. So if you have to set the alarm to get up early and get a little work done and then head back to bed, do it! Often just getting up earlier or staying up later will do the trick. The less rigid you are the better.


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