The Fumes of Toxic People Will Kill You Aug 5, 2015 by Cathy (Day Styles)

The Dangers of Evil People Can’t Be Ignored!

YOU are important and your health and well-being are priority one. Toxic people are deadly. They have a negative aura that will infiltrate through your positive shield and eventually eat you up whole. Slowly but surely over time the energy sucking tendencies of these poisonous people will wear you down, break you down, and make you physically and mentally ill. There are oodles of studies to prove this.

So what can you do to protect yourself? Simply become more aware and don’t let their excuses or the excuses you make for their behavior be acceptable! EVERYONE is responsible for their own actions and when someone is behaving hurtful, destructive, or in a bullying manner, THEY ARE TOXIC. And that’s NOT acceptable! Let’s look at a few of the key factors identifying evil negative people so that you can run fast and far away from them. Do it because YOU matter!


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