11 Super Foods to Fight Holiday Colds Dec 21, 2015 by Sarah (Day Styles)

It’s the holiday season, so that means we’re eating a ton of delicious baked goods and drinking a lot of beverages. Given that we may not be our most healthy over the holidays, unfortunately, it’s the perfect time for our bodies to catch a cold. But don’t let your  cold stop you! Here are some healthy foods you should definitely overindulge in to get rid of that cold.


This spice will give your food a curry flavor so you can’t add it to just anything, but you can have it in tea or capsules if you prefer. Turmeric will help your body fight infection and inflammation by preventing damage caused by free radicals in the body (which are compounds known to cause cancer).


Fennel has a lot of different benefits to our health. Fennel itself is about 20% vitamin C and helps increase the body’s resistance to infectious diseases. It supplies a boost of extra power to our white blood cells (which help fight off bacteria and viruses) and helps prevent colds from starting.

Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes are very high in Vitamin A and helps to play a key role in the health of the mucosal surfaces, which include the inside of your nose, the gastrointestinal tract, and your skin (your skin is your first line of defense). Keep your skin clean and strong and ward off infections.


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