5 Signs Your Metabolism is Slowing Down Mar 6, 2017 by Sarah (Day Styles)

As we get older, we become increasingly comfortable staying in on the weekend and drinking wine out of enjoyment and not to get drunk. Age has its advantages, but with age also domes some downfalls: if you’re hitting your late twenties, chances are that your metabolism is slowing down and you need to start paying more attention to your body. Gone are the days of being able to eat a bag of chips for dinner and wash it down with a case of beer and not notice any weight gain! The older you get the more you have to work at keeping your body in proper condition. If you’ve noticed that you’re gaining weight or losing energy and you don’t know why, it might be your metabolism. Here are a few subtle hints that your body gives you to let you know that your metabolism has slowed down.

You’re Always Tired

A lack of exercise might have something to do with your metabolism slowing down. If you feel sluggish and out of tune with your body, it’s probably because you’re not getting enough exercise. Exercise can kick-start your metabolism and get your body moving. Feeling sluggish is a sure sign that your metabolism may be starting to slow down, so it’s probably time to put that gym membership to good use.

Weight Gain

People with slow metabolisms can gain weight and find it extremely difficult to lose it. This is because your metabolism isn’t helping your body burn a lot of calories on daily basis and your body is gaining fat instead. So, if you’ve entered your late twenties and you’re gaining a few extra pounds that you can’t shed like you used too, it’s a good sign that your metabolism has slowed down. You’ll need to reassess your diet and exercise regimen if you want to feel better and lose some weight.


Do you feel like you just can’t get any of your stuff together? Do you find yourself feel anxious and unable to focus? This could definitely have something to do with your metabolism. When your metabolism starts to slow down, it can affect your concentration and give you a bit of anxiety. Paying attention to your body can give you a real problem to manage rather than generalized feelings of anxiety.


Have you started showing physical symptoms of hormonal imbalance? Anything from skin problems (ahem, acne) to irregular menstrual symptoms and even thinning hair could all indicate that your metabolism is slowing down. When your metabolism slows down so does your thyroid and all of these symptoms can start happening.

Food Allergies

Some people who have declining metabolisms notice that their bodies don’t react to certain foods like they used to. Some people start experiencing symptoms that are similar to IBS. If you don’t pay attention to any new food intolerances, you may be hurting your metabolism even more. Don’t waste energy by fighting with your body, feeling bloated, tired, or discomforted. Start paying attention to what you’re eating and get your diet back on track! A slower metabolism isn’t the end of the world it’s just a sign that you need to pay a little extra attention to your body - which can end up benefiting your health in a variety of ways!



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