6 Natural Ways to Get Rid of Belly Bloat Jan 13, 2017 by Sarah (Day Styles)

It’s not uncommon to feel gross and bloated after big meals or rich foods. We don't always eat the healthiest foods, and sometimes people eat and drink things that are tough on the digestive system. This means that you can feel bloated, gassy, and gross. If you’re feeling bloated now (or in the future) here are some natural ways to fix your problem and restore a flatter and more comfortable stomach.

Drink Lots of Water

People tend to avoid drinking water when they feel bloated because they think it will make the bloating worse. But bloating is caused in part by the body trying to retain the water you already have and reduce dehydration. When you eat a lot of salt, you’ll notice you get bloated easier, and this is exactly why. The salt is trying to leave your body via water, but your body is trying to keep the water in your body. So, when you’re feeling bloated, you can try and drink even more water and remember to stay hydrated throughout the whole day - flushing your system and telling your body to stop worrying.

Stay Moving

Instead of lounging around after your meals, go for a quick fifteen-minute walk to keep things moving. This way your food won’t slow down in your digestive track. Regular exercise can help prevent constipation and helps to keep your digestive health optimal and running smoothly. If you’re worried that exercise after dinner will keep you from sleeping well, you’re wrong! Exercise can actually help your sleep and allow you a deeper sleep, so you wake up feeling refreshed.

Ginger Tea

Another reason you may be bloated could be if you like to eat your food spicy. Inflammation caused by spicy foods (or dairy or chemicals) can sometimes cause bloating. Many studies have shown that ginger can help reduce that inflammation and subsequent bloat. Boil some ginger in water and create an at-home tea. Add some fresh lemon juice and some organic raw honey. The ginger eases stomach pain and counteracts inflammation. If you’re not a fan of the taste of ginger, you can find flavored teas with ginger or use ginger pills.

Avoid Salt

If you find you get bloated on a regular basis, it might be that you’re eating food with too much sodium or added salt. Salt causes fluid buildup in the body and increases blood volume, which then makes your heart work that much harder to pump and results in your body getting bloated. To start, avoid foods that have more than 20% of your daily sodium intakes per serving, and make sure to skip the salt shaker sitting on your table. If that doesn’t work, consider a more intense low-sodium diet.

Avoid Artificial Sweeteners

Some people think that artificial sweeteners are better for you because they don’t contain any calories, but that couldn’t be less true at all. Many people have a very hard time digesting artificial sweeteners. Our bodies just don’t know what to do with artificial chemicals. Too much artificial sweetener can back up your digestion and contribute to a swollen and bloated feeling. Other side effects of consuming artificial sweeteners are gas and diarrhea - so it’s probably best to avoid them in general.

We hope one of these easy and natural remedies can help reduce your swollen stomach. Eat healthy and stay healthy!



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