Metabolism Myths Debunked Aug 31, 2015 by Cathy (Day Styles)

Learn To Crank Your Metabolism Up A Few Notches

When you understand what your metabolism is and how it functions you can use this smarty pants knowledge to your advantage to speed up fat loss or successfully maintain weight loss. So What is Metabolism? It’s terminology used to describe the chemical reactions taking place within your body to maintain the living state of your cells. Medical News says metabolism neatly has 2 different categories:

Catabolism – Which is the breaking down of molecules to produce energy.

Anabolism – Is simple the synthesis of all specific compounds required by the cells.

Basically, your metabolism is intricately linked to nutrition and the availability of nutrients. And the rate in which your body uses energy and how much you eat is interlinked with how much body fat you have. Here are a few metabolism fallacy’s that need to be flipped right side up so you can have the facts you need to get sexy pronto.


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