Effective Ways To Stay On Time May 6, 2016 by Sarah (Day Styles)

We’ve all been there. Your alarm goes off - you hit the snooze button a few too many times and, magically, you’re late and your whole day is thrown off. Everyone is running late occasionally; however, when you’re chronically late it can seem unprofessional. Here are useful tips to help you avoid arriving late and flustered, at least all of the time!

Give Yourself Extra Time

Never plan to just “be on time” - always plan on arriving 15 minutes early. That way if you are running a few minutes behind, you can still make it on time. Start scheduling your meetings in your calendar 15-30 minutes before they start, that way your phone will give you a notification and keep you ahead of schedule!

Keep The Tank Full

There’s nothing worse (or more annoying) than getting into your car when you’re in a hurry only to find that you have no gas. If you have to stop for gas, you will be even later! Get into the habit of filling up your gas tank when it gets to 1/4 full and avoid the last minute rush.

Plan For Setbacks

Most of your days are not going to go exactly as you’ve planned them. Meetings will run late even if you try really hard to avoid that from happening. Sometimes, it’s as simple as running into someone in the office or at lunch, and you lose time chatting and catching up. Starting the day early allows some leeway when things like that do end up happening, giving you the extra time you need for unexpected delays.

Prepare For The Day

Try and do as many tasks as you can the night before. Pick out your outfit and pack your lunch. You can even prep your breakfast, or try using an overnight oats recipe that actually cooks itself as you sleep! You can even keep everything in a designated spot, so you’re not running around trying to find your keys, purse, or wallet the next day.

End Tasks On Time

Ending tasks and meeting on time is just as important as starting your activities on schedule. If you’re not strict with ending times or deadlines, each task can run later than expected, dragging you down for the whole day in a traffic jam of lateness! Put a start and end time on every meeting/appointment you have, and then the worst case scenario is the meeting ends early, and you have time to catch up on some extra work!

Embrace Downtime

When you have downtime between tasks, take that as an opportunity to clear your head or catch up on emails or messages that you’ve been neglecting throughout the day. Embracing the downtime in your day and not rushing from meeting to meeting is more important than you’d think, that way you can start your new task with a clean slate and open mind.

Work In Advance

Always try to be ahead of your “to-do” list. It can help get rid of any stress you may have at the end of the week. This gives you extra time to fix projects if you get behind for whatever reason. Get ahead, stay on schedule, and you can stay on time!



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