Anti-Aging Alternatives To Botox Apr 14, 2016 by Sarah (Day Styles)

Women and men all around the globe have turned to injecting their fine lines and wrinkles with a little Botox just to smooth everything out and make them look a couple of years younger. The procedure is minimally invasive, using small needles similar to insulin injectors to deliver Botox to the small facial muscles. Botox paralyzes the muscles, making them weaker, so your lines aren’t so heavy and deep. But if you’re leery of using injections there are some great alternatives for you to consider.


Frownies are a natural type of Kraft paper that are “glued” to the face, temporarily paralyzing the facial muscles (similar to Botox) and atrophying the muscles so they aren’t as strong, and you don’t develop deep wrinkles. If you’re the type of person who sleeps on their face, and you wake up with temporary wrinkles, try using Frownies at night to help prevent your face from scrunching up.

Yamuna Face Balls

Products such as the Yamuna Face Ball claims to help work the bone of the face to improve its health and, in turn, reduce sagging skin. In addition to massaging the bone, the company claims the ball also works the muscles in the face, increases circulation, and reduces the effects of gravity, similar to what Botox does. The creator, Yamuna, is now 60 years old and still looks great. She attributes her good looks to the Yamuna Face Ball. Women as young as 20 have started using the ball, although it was intended for women over the age of 40.


Linda Meredith is a facialist for Hollywood stars, including Kate Moss, Stella McCartney, and Gwyneth Paltrow. When the pregnant stars asked her if she knew of an alternative to Botox (which understandably they didn’t want to use while they are expecting) Meredith didn’t have another option - so she invented one! VTOX gel contains neuropeptides and algae that surround the facial muscles with proteins which block the muscles in the skin from contracting, although it still allows for some movement, so the look is very natural, just reduced. Instead of being injected, the gel is a topical one and is absorbed by the skin. It’s so safe that it can be purchased online and used at home.


Retinol is wrinkles’ worst nightmare. Retinol can be applied topically, where it functions like a healthy exfoliation and helps encourage the skin to produce more collagen, which helps to flatten the look of wrinkles. You can purchase retinol over-the-counter in limited degrees (over-the-counter versions aren’t too aggressive, so it’s a great place to start), or you can look into getting a medical grade cream (which is much stronger), which would need to be prescribed by your doctor.



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