5 Natural Ways To Treat Bloodshot Eyes Aug 2, 2016 by Sarah (Day Styles)

Bloodshot eyes happen to the best of us. Unfortunately, waking up to red, swollen eyes is never fun! Bloodshot eyes are caused by dehydration from annoying seasonal allergies, lack of sleep, feeling under the weather, or maybe having a little too much wine the night before  - whatever the cause, bloodshot eyes can ruin a great look and even your whole day if they feel particularly irritated. While serious cases might require eye drops, there are also natural ways to alleviate bloodshot eyes without running to the drugstore!

Remove Your Makeup And Contacts

When you get home at night, the first thing to do is definitely remove any makeup and/or contacts to help rehydrate your eyes. Makeup can get in your eyes and cause irritation if you’re not careful. If you have them, leaving your contact lenses in overnight can damage your eyes and can attract dust particles and other debris. The result? Irritation, inflammation, and (you guessed it) bloodshot eyes! Even worse, an overused contact can lead to fungal infections if they’ve been in your eye for too long. Only use your contacts for the recommended time and clean them thoroughly.

Avoid Staring At A Screen

Your eyes can get tired and red from staring at a screen for too long. Even though it may be your job to stare at a computer, it’s still necessary to give your eyes a break throughout the day. Get out of your desk and walk around, walk outside and let your eyes get some exercise in natural light – seriously! Refresh the muscles around your eyes by taking a hard look at objects in the distance, close to your face, in the shade, and in light - looking at different things gives your eyes and your brain some exercise.

Use Some Spoons!

Keep a pair of spoons in your fridge if you’re prone to red and puffy eyes. The cooling effect of the spoons will cause the blood vessels in your eyes to constrict, leading to a reduction in the inflammation, redness, and irritation. It’s really simple - you just place the cold concave side of the spoons onto your closed eyes, lie down, and let the spoons sit on your eyes until they’ve reached room temperature. Keep a second set in the fridge or a glass of ice water (the spoons should be chilled but not frozen) and switch the spoons when they get warm. You can cool your eyes for up to twenty minutes.


Is a simple lack of sleep the culprit behind your bloodshot eyes? It may be possible that all you need is a couple of hours of sleep, or maybe just an early night or two. At the same time, treat your bloodshot eyes as a warning sign! Red eyes aren’t the only side effect of lack of sleep: when you don’t sleep enough, your heart, thyroid, and kidneys won’t work properly. Sleep is the time that your organs need to recharge and reset, keeping you healthy and happy in the long run. So get a good night’s rest for your health - and keep your eyes hydrated and clear!

Use Some Tea Bags

It’s not secret that tea provides a variety of health benefits! That includes reducing inflammation and redness - exactly what we need to help reduce bloodshot eyes. Use some damp tea bags that have been cooled and, using the same approach as a chilled spoon, place the tea bags over your closed eyes. Wait for at least ten minutes while the tea works wonders! Some great types of tea would be green, black, catnip, eyebright, fennel seeds, lavender buds and blackberry leaves.



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