9 Tips to Allergy Proof Your Home Jun 19, 2015 by Chris (Day Styles)

Bad allergies? The air outside is not easily controlled, but you can definitely change the climate condition in your home. Here are 9 ways to allergy proof your home, and breathe easier.

Remove wall-to-wall carpeting

Carpet is great for noise reduction, and for keeping, your feet warm during the winter months. However, when it comes to reducing, controlling and preventing allergies, your carpet fails the test. Carpet contains dust mites, fur balls, and other allergy triggers that can easily cause you upper respiratory problems such as asthma, and other breathing problems. By removing the carpet from your home, and replacing it with hardwood floors, or linoleum, you are controlling the amount of allergens in your environment. With a carpet- free environment, allergens are no longer a problem, and you can breathe better, and rest easier at night, knowing you have eliminated a main source of allergen promoting item.


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