8 Beauty Hacks For Busy Mornings Aug 16, 2016 by Sarah (Day Styles)

When you’re running on empty (which seems to be a growing trend among adults, myself included) it can be hard to finish your beauty routine while you’re scrambling to get out of the door! Sometimes, however, you need to look good to feel good for the big meeting, interview, or just another day on the job. So we have some great tips that will save you time in the morning and make your beauty routine quick, easy, and on point!

Winged Eyeliner? Bye!

It takes SO much time to try and get the perfect winged eyeliner, and the minute you’re done something smudges and you have correct the eyeliner or even start over! If you’re pressed for time, winged eyeliner is just too much despite the popularity of the look. Opt for a smoky eye, or some simple neutral makeup that won’t take long and doesn’t need to be perfectly even. Save the winged liner for a night out with your friends when you have the time to ensure it’s completely straight!

Do Your Makeup During Your Commute

If you ride the train, cab, or carpool to work, you can do your makeup while you’re on your way! This takes practice, but in the end, you can save time and put on your face on the go. Here’s a few tips and tricks, however: definitely don’t use liquid cosmetics on the move, as it might spill, or a bump in the road might cause your makeup to end up all over your face. Wait for stoplights or congestion when you’re making the final touches. Bring a compact in your purse, take your time, and by the time you get to work, your makeup will be fresh and done.

Select Your Outfit

Picking your outfit before you go to sleep can save you a massive amount of time in the morning, especially if you’re the type of person that, when you’re under pressure, suddenly has “nothing to wear” and it takes you twice as long to find anything remotely appropriate! Look through your wardrobe and decide on an outfit for the next day. You can make sure the clothes you need are clean, unwrinkled, and ready - there should be no surprises in the morning! If necessary, you can even iron your clothes or use a lint brush in the evening, laying out your fresh clothes on your dresser. It will make your morning that much easier!

The Need For Speed

When you have a spare hour, go on YouTube and watch how people do their makeup in under five minutes. Pick some tutorials on YouTube that you like best and practice, practice, practice. Test different products that are easier and faster to apply. When you’re running late or on your way to work in the morning, makeup doesn’t need to take more than five minutes.


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